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Infants and children often require special foods including those that may be fortified with a number of minerals.


Minerals and mineral salts and substances, both organic and inorganic, are used in infant formulas worldwide.


The most important minerals for growth to be incorporated/added to baby formulas are Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Potassium and Zinc.


As asupplier of mineral salts, we provide organic and inorganic mineral salts and substances with different grades for manufacturers of Baby and Infant Food and Growing-Up formulas:

  • AL Grade, which will be in accordance to Reg. EU 231/2012.
  • FCC Grade, acc. to the Food Chemical Codex
  • BF Grade, Baby Food grade, Chlorates and Perchlorates maximum leves guaranteed
  • CNFS Grade, acc. to the Chinese Food Standard



Chlorate is a residue formed on chlorine-based detergents. On dairy farms, chlorates can appear when chlorine, chlorine dioxide or hypochlorite is used for the disinfection of milking plants.Chlorate residue in milk products is an emerging food safety concern for the dairy industry with potential health implications for vulnerable groups, such as those with low iodine intake; and infants. It is of particular concern in infant formula manufacturers.

With the babies and infants, the highest chlorate exposure has to be assumed when the children are fed exclusively with infant formula which has been mixed with drinking water containing chlorate.

European Regulation (EU) No. 609/2013 defines food intended for infants and young children and regulates the approval of several minerals in certain foods.

The Regulation differentiates between infant formula and follow-on formula. (Growing-Up Formulas).

Please ask us regarding Minerals approved for Baby and Infant Formula and the different Grades we supply:

Ref: Infant and Baby Food Ingredients/Minerals



DESCRIPTION ACC. TO Perchlorates & Chlorates
  Calcium carbonate AL    
  Calcium chloride 2-hydrate AL    
  Calcium hydrogenphosphate 2-hydrate AL    
  Calcium hydroxide AL    
  Calcium hydroxide CNFS CNFS  
  Copper (II) sulfate 1-hydrate     
  Copper (II) sulfate 5-hydrate BF FCC Max.10 ppb
  Copper (II) sulfate 5-hydrate CNFS CNFS  
  Copper (II) sulfate anhydrous FCC FCC  
  di-potassium hydrogenphosphate anhydrous BF    
  di-Sodium hydrogenphosphate anhydrous AL    
  Iron (II) sulfate 7-hydrate BF FCC Max.10 ppb
  Magnesium chloride 6-hydrate AL    
  Magnesium hydrogen phosphate 3-hydrate     
  Magnesium Sulphate Heptahydrate BF FCC Max.10 ppb
  Magnesium Sulphate Heptahydrate CNFS CNFS  
  Manganese (II) sulfate 1-hydrate PH    
  Potassium chloride AL    
  Potassium chloride BF FCC X, EU 231/2012  
  Potassium dihydrogenphosphate AL    
  Potassium iodide     
  Sodium hydrogen carbonate AL    
  Sodium Molybdate 2-hydrate     
  Sodium Selenite     
  tri-Calcium Citrate 4-hydrate AL    
  tri-Magnesium Citrate BF USP

Perc Max.10ppb

Chlo Max.50 ppb

  tri-Potassium Citrate 1-hydrate BF FCC X, EU 231/2012

Perc Max.10ppb

Chlo Max.50 ppb

  tri-Potassium Citrate 1-hydrate CNFS CNFS  
  tri-Sodium Citrate 2-hydrate BF FCC X, EU 231/2012

Perch Max.10ppb

Chlo Max.50 ppb

  tri-Sodium phosphate 1-hydrate     
  Zinc sulfate 1-hydrate BF FCC Max.10 ppb
  Zinc sulfate 1-hydrate CNFS CNFS  
  Zinc Sulfate 7 Hydrate FCC FCC
Sit 0123-4
  Adipisicing 5678-9
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