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© 2023 INTABIOTECH SL · Intabiotech SL is a licensed commercial company of ND Pharma & Biotech. ND Pharma is a Biopharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Alimentary and Global Chemical Company leader in serving industry, science, and many other sectors and fields. Our mission is to Make Life Better and to enable our customers to make a healthier, cleaner and safer environment and World. We help our customers to accelerate life sciences research, to manufacture better and safer products, to solve complex analytical situations, to improve patient diagnostics and therapies and to increase productivity both from Labs to Industry. Through our products and brands and with an impressive portfolio of +200.000 product references, our manufacturing capacity, our sourcing and supply abilities, and our team of dedicated people, we offer an unmatched combination of innovative technologies, purchasing convenience and comprehensive support to all our customers.