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We sell products and ingredients, not remedies, medicines, drugs and/or finished products intended to heal, treat, diagnose and/or cure any disease.

Every industry, operator, laboratory, or plant intending to use such products, must consult an expert and verified that proucts are sutitable to the manufacturing of substances, other products or specilities intended to. ND Pharma & Biotech Co. neither Intabiotech SLU accepts any responsibility or libility regarding product´s uses, intended use, authorized and/or unauthorized uses, or any other form or representation about products depicted within this section and/or the entire website, if any wrongful doing will be dimaned from an unauthoried use and/or claim for products or brands where our ingredients were, are or will be utilized. Please verify with an expert and/or the competent authoritiy that products/ngredients are sutiable for you, your industry and/or field of operations. The statements regarding certain uses are based on common scientific acceptance and cultural beliefs, so no authority endorses, backup and or/evaluated such.



Product name/s

Specification Active Ingredients


Description/Functions (Indicative, not suitable to claim in all jurisdictions. Please Consult an expert about claims).


Licorice extracts

Monoammonium Glycyrrhizinate

60%, 70%


Pharmaceutical: Anti-inflammatory, antiallergic, antibacterial, antiviral

Food: Flavoring agent

Cosmetic: Anti-oxidation, anti-aging, and inhibit melanin

Mono Ammonium Glycyrrhizinate EP



Pharmaceutical: Anti-inflammatory, antiallergic, antibacterial, antiviral

Food: Flavoring agent

Cosmetic: Anti-oxidation, anti-aging, and inhibit melanin

Dipotassium Glycyrrhizinate



Pharmaceutical: Anti-inflammatory, allegy prevension

Food: sweetener
Cosmetic: Whiting skin, keep moisture

Glycyrrhizic Acid

28%~30%,98 %~102%


Pharmaceutical: Inhibition to sarcoma cells and carcinoma cells, strengthen human immunity

Potassium Glycyrrhizinate



Food: sweetener
Pharmaceutical: Innocuous, protect liver,

treat hepatitis, resist cancer, protect gastric mucosa, treat gastric ulcer and duodenal

Food: sweetener for the hypertension,the obesity,the diabetes,the heart diseased.


Products names

Specification Active Ingredients



Diammonium Glycyrrhizinate



Pharmaceutical: Anti-inflammatory, enhance liver function improvement, protect liver tissue and cure hepatitis

Licorice extract powder



Pharmaceutical: health care, detoxification, liver protection, diminishing inflammations

Food: fragrance-improving

Licorice extract block



Pharmaceutical: health care, detoxification, liver protection, diminishing inflammations

Food: fragrance-improving

18-β Glycyrrhetinic Acid



Cosmetic: Anti-inflammation, regulate cutaneous immunity, enhance the capacity of disease-resistance, allergy prevension, clean

DGL- Deglycyrrhizinated Licorice

3% or less


Pharmaceutical: healthy stomach lining,

intestinal flora, reflects dosages and preparations

Licorice spray dried powder



Food: sweetener
Pharmaceutical: anti-inflammatory,

antiallergic, antibacterial, antiviral Food: flavoring agent




Pharmaceutical: diminishing inflammation

Food: wetting throat, improve the flavor, prevent spoilage and mould, prevent deposition and variegation

Green Tea Extract

EGCG- Epigallocatechin gallate

≥80%, ≥95%, ≥98%


Pharmaceutical: anti-oxidation, anti-virus, hypolipidemic, antineoplastic

Tea Polyphenols

50%, 80%, 95%


Pharmaceutical: anti-oxidation, anti-virus, hypolipidemic, antineoplastic, reducing blood fat, reducing blood sugar, anticancer

Cosmetic: anti-againg, anti-radiatoion, anti- ultraviolet

Plant Extract




Pharmaceutical: anti-virus, anti-mocrobial, anti-tumor (powder or liquid)




Pharmaceutical: anti-viral hepatitis, treat chronic viral hepatitis, antibacterial, prevension of liver fibrosis




Cosmetic: breat augmentation, refreshing beauty and postponing menopause



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