Invertimos en Investigación, en Talento, en Desarrollo, en Capacidad, en Ideas, en Aplicaciones, en Innovación, en Actitud, en Bienestar, pero Invertimos sobre todo, en Personas

Our Team ·  Equipo

INTABIOTECH SLU blends a unique business model with an expert team to bring an excellent service to our customers, and focused in development of different business lines thru a number of partnerships, collaborative agreements and other cooperation formulas all across the world.
Our company was founded y a group of experienced professionals with a long track record of working in partnership pretty successfully as a team in different fields. We conjugate the expertise and experience gathered within the different fields and areas such team operate for a long period of time. We founded INTABIOTECH SLU to leverage such expertise to bridge the commitment with excellence both in products and services, with a strong motivation and capacity for a skilled dedication and professionalism to our customers.
Here you can find some of our valuable Team Members. 
The Team is complemented with a solid Back Office (Both Technical and Commercial) that will help you to solve any query or question that may rise up regardingboth products and services, as well as any other issue that you may need to solve with our help and support, as a client.
James P. Prior
Executive Director

Un Grupo Profesional Eficiente y Experimentado

Domingo Alvarez

Director Científico

F. Jesus

Director Internacional

Brais A. Alvarez

Director Técnico Adjunto

Mari C. Alvarez

Administración y Finanzas

Jose R. Castells

Dirección Comercial

Carmen F. Perez

Gestor de Cuentas y Desarrollo Negocio

Maria B. Vazquez

Dirección Técnica, Legal y Regulatory

Iulia Dumitrascu

Desarrollo de Negocio EU

Key Account Manager

Alfonso P. Esteve

Desarrollo de Negocio LATAM


Nuestro Equipo se complementa con una sólida Back Office

(tanto en el ámbito Comercial como en el Técnico), que le ayudará

a resolver cualquier cuestión, duda o necesidad tanto en lo relativo a Producto/s como a Servicio/s.

La Experiencia y el Conocimiento unidos al servicio de nuestros clientes



A Professional, Efficent and Experienced Team

Luis Aguirre

Director Oficina USA · Norteamérica

María S. Gómez

Coordinador de Logistica y Director de Import/Export

Mary J. Días

Gestora de cuentas y Desarrollo Negocio


Carmen Aragón

Calidad y Control

Antoine Vasquez

Quality Assurance Manager

Man Neira

Financiero · Administrativo

Alexander Marko

Diseño y Desarrollo Digital

Maria Saavedra

Secretaría General y Compliance

Den Brashnikow

Rusia y Ex-Republicas 

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